ArcGISBook2Explore ten “big ideas” that encapsulate the technological and social trends that have pushed geographic information systems (GIS) onto the Internet in a significant way. See how to apply these ideas to your own world. Open your eyes to what is now possible with Web GIS, and put the technology and deep data resources in your hands via the Quickstarts and Learn ArcGIS lessons that are included in each chapter.

10 Ideas is mentioned in this book

  1. Maps, the Web and You – Power and possibility with Web GIS
  2. Cartography is for Everyone –  New ways to make, see, and use maps
  3. Tell Your Story Using a Map –  Inform, engage, and inspire people with story maps
  4. Great Maps Need Great Data –  Creating and using authoritative geographic data
  5. The Importance of Where –  How spatial analysis leads to insight
  6. Mapping the Third Dimension –  A change in perspective
  7. The Power of Apps –  Focused tools that get work done
  8. Your GIS is Mobile –  The GIS of the whole world plus a live data sensor in your pocket
  9. Real-Time Dashboards –  Integrating live data feeds for managing operations
  10. GIS is Social –  Web GIS is the GIS of the world

You can experience this Book as an interactive available on the Esri’s website or can order the printed version here.

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