ArcGIS Earth is a desktop-based viewer that enables anyone in the enterprise to rapidly open and work with 3D and 2D map data displayed on the globe. ArcGIS Earth can read Esri services and shapefiles and open standard formats (KML, KMZ). Users can display data and access popups with links and images, email and print map images, and launch the app from email or a file browser. ArcGIS Earth is fully integrated with the ArcGIS platform so you can work with data stored behind the firewall in ArcGIS for Server, or on ArcGIS Online, and securely access, share, and publish maps and data. ArcGIS Earth is planned to be released later this year as a free app available for anyone who wants to view and understand spatial information.

This version of ArcGIS Earth is a beta, with the hope to launch an initial production version around the end of 2015. We are working furiously to deliver a rich, stable product and also are planning on a long future and full roadmap to meet the needs of enterprise customers who are transitioning technologies and to address requirements around high volumes of 3D data and imagery that are being collected today and in the future.

Who should participate in the ArcGIS Earth beta?

  • Anyone who currently works with Google Earth Enterprise
  • Anyone with a need to rapidly view data on a globe using shapefiles or KML data
  • Anyone considering tools to allow non-GIS specialists in their organization to view map data quickly and easily

Some of the features that we encourage you to try in ArcGIS Earth include:

  • Viewing KML and shapefile data
  • Accessing Esri RESTful services both inside and outside the firewall
  • Measuring distances and areas
  • Drawing annotation on the globe
  • Printing, saving, and emailing map images to collaborators

System Requirement: 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10

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