VietGIS is a GIS technology company, providing comprehensive GIS solutions in Vietnam, including solutions from surveying, database building, mapping, development of software and application, training, etc. Applications on the information technology, mobile devices, and cloud computing platform.

Currently, VietGIS is the partner of Esri in the Vietnam market and the direct distributor of ArcGIS products. This is the result of the company’s continuous efforts over years in accessing and widely promoting GIS technology to the market with high quality GIS technology products which are recognized by partners and customers.

Since September 2018, VietGIS has also become a partner and distributor of WingtraOne from Wingtra. This is a device that allows flight planning and photographing to assist in the exploration and surveying data, operating in relatively harsh environments and flying to unreachable survey areas, WingtraOne’s unparalleled vertical landing technology enables touchdown in confined areas as small as 2m x 2m like boats or forest lanes. Combined with a flight range of up to 50 km, large coverage mapping missions become feasible that have been impossible up until today. The device acts as a fixed-wing aircraft, operates over large coverage areas; and can be used as a multi-purpose multirole helicopter capable of taking-off and landing anywhere. This carries the best in class sensors that collect survey-grade aerial data, thus this Equipment suitable for mapping professionals in application that range from surveying and mining to wildlife monitoring, forest survey monitoring, etc.

This is also our advantage to help VietGIS’s solutions and devices more comprehensive

Along with being the partner of Esri, VietGIS currently provides solutions and services:

With above solutions and services, we have provided GIS products in different fields and met the management demand of agencies and customers, such as:

  • Urban Infrastructure: Planning, Water Supply and Drainage, Telecommunications, Electricity, Trees, Lighting, Transport
  • Agriculture: Dyke Management, Irrigation system, Disaster prevention, Forest fire prevention in Forestry, Agricultural production land, Crop production, Animal Husbandry, Animal feed, Epidemiology
  • Health: Health care, Epidemic, Environmental Health
  • Education, Schools
  • Transport and Communications: Tracking, Logistics
  • Land Management
  • Distribution, Sales
  • Environment: Environmental Monitoring, Hazardous waste management, Water pollution, Groundwater extraction in Environmental Management
  • Public administration services
  • Work management


VietGIS wishes to become the leading GIS technology Company in Vietnam, outreach to the World, provide the comprehensive and professional solutions. We always make the effort to create creative values for customer satisfaction goal.


  • Commitment and creativity
  • Innovation, technology access, putting technology into products
  • Customer understanding
  • Excellent service
  • Flawless products

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