Google Translate text-to-speech options let you communicate during foreign travel.

Traveling the world but don’t speak the local language? Google Maps should be a bit more useful soon, thanks to some new integration with Google Translate.

Typically if you’re in a foreign-language country, Google Maps will show the English place-name followed by the name in the local language below it. Sometime this month, Google Maps will get a new speaker button next to the local place-name, which will fire up Google Translate’s text-to-speech engine. Until now, if you needed to communicate with a driver or ask for directions, you might have handed over your smartphone and let them read the screen. Now, though, you’ll be able to have your phone shout out the pronunciation in a synthesized Google Translate voice, or you can practice pronouncing the name yourself beforehand.

This new speaker button in Google Maps will verbally speak the location’s name and address.

This all happens in a new pop-up window, which lets your phone speak the place-name or address in the local language.There’s also a handy “get more translations” button at the bottom, which will kick you out to the full Google Translate app. The language selection is all based on the locale chosen in your system settings, which is then compared to the local language of the place you’re looking up.

Google says the feature will “be rolling out this month (Nov-2019) on Android and iOS with support for 50 languages and more on the way”.

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