Esri Developer Network (EDN) is available through an annual subscription and provides a cost-effective way to license Esri ArcGIS products and tools. Whether you’re a Web, desktop, mobile, or server developer, EDN has the resources you need for building GIS applications and solutions.

The EDN annual subscription gives you

  • An extensive suite of Esri software plus data and maps
  • Discounts on support and training
  • Access to new developer tools and technologies only available through EDN
  • An invitation to participate in selected beta releases

EDN includes 

  • ArcGIS for Server (Advanced, Standard, and Basic editions) for Microsoft .NET and Java platform
  • ArcGIS for Server extensions: 3D, Data Interoperability, Geostatistical, Image, Network, Schematics, and Spatial
  • ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit for .NET, Java, COM, and cross-platform C++·         ArcGIS Engine Runtime
  • ArcGIS Engine extensions: 3D, Data Interoperability, Geodatabase Update, Maplex, Network, Schematics, Spatial, and Tracking
  • ArcGIS Mobile
  • ArcGIS for Desktop (add-on subscription) with 3D, Network, and Spatial extensions
  • Data and Maps for ArcGIS
  • Discounts on support and training

As a developer, you have access to online content, blogs, sample GIS servers and services, code galleries, online software development kits (SDKs), and more, at the ArcGIS Resource Centers.

EDN licenses are solely for the purposes of research, development, testing, and demonstration of your application. Each EDN subscription can only be used by a single authorized developer. For complete terms and conditions, see the Esri Master License Agreement.

Training and Support
As an EDN subscriber, you have the option to add discounted training and support to your EDN subscription. The training option provides you with five days of instructor-led training of your choice during the subscription period. The support option provides you with a block of 10 technical support calls for any product included with EDN within the subscription period.