VietGIS provides GIS database building services according to projects or customers’ requirements with the standard, scale and level of detail satisfying customers’ requirements.

Many experience years in the field of GIS show that database is the most important component in a IT system; therefore, GIS database will determine the quality of the whole system, we have been engaged in many projects in many areas such as:

  • Urban Infrastructure: Planning, Water Supply and Drainage, Telecommunications, Electricity, Trees, Lighting, Transport
  • Agriculture: Dyke Management, Irrigation system, Disaster prevention, Forest fire prevention in Forestry, Agricultural production land, Crop production, Animal Husbandry, Animal feed, Epidemiology
  • Health: Health care, Epidemic, Environmental Health
  • Education, Schools
  • Transport and Communications: Tracking, Logistics
  • Land Management
  • Distribution, Sales
  • Environment: Environmental Monitoring, Hazardous waste management, Water pollution, Groundwater extraction in Environmental Management
  • Public administration services
  • Work management

The knowledgeable and proficient use to master the technology, technique and procedure is a very important step to build the database. The built Database must meet archiving, accessing and processing, ensuring ready to access, display and statistical in use.

We believe that with the experience, the Ability and our Devotion, VietGIS will provide service on GIS database professionally and fit for each Customers and each field.

Other Services: