ENVI – Remote sensing image processing software
ENVI (the Environment for Visualizing Images) is powerful remote sensing image processing software and is designed to serve scientists who have demands for researching, analyzing Remote Sensing – RS including satellite images and aircraft images. ENVI support displaying data and analyzing image data in all sizes and in many different formats – all in a friendly environment and easy to use compared with other remote sensing image processing software.

ENVI has a library with fairly enough image data processing algorithms and graphical window that is friendly interact with users friendly. The software supports providing tools to perform certain key functions, such as image transformation, filtering, classification, projection system registration and geometric corrections; tools to analyze images with high spectral resolution and tools used for radar images.

ENVI also supports processing data that is not the standard data, displaying and analyzing the big images, and expanding data analysis capabilities by plug-in functions.

ENVI is designed basing on the programming language IDL (Interactive Data Language). IDL is a structured programming language and supports processing integrated images. The flexibility and versatility of ENVI is majority thanks to IDL’s ability.

ERDAS IMAGINE – The geospatial image processing software
The software specializes in processing geospatial images, allows to easily extracting information from photographic documentation as a real expert without experience expertise requirements. With powerful and easy-to-use image processing tools, ERDAS IMAGINE will help you both simplify your work and achieve high use efficiency.

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